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Dr. Mary Askew
Holland Codes Resource Center
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Explore Careers and College Majors
formerly Learning for Life Resource Center

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Explore Careers and College

The Explore Careers and College specializes in  career development planning, how to choose a career, and college search major resources:

  • Holland career tests
  • RIASEC career tests
  • Career aptitude tests
  • Career personality quizzes
  • Vocational aptitude tests
  • MBTI tests
  • Career finder quizzes
  • Career interest tests
  • Career personality tests
  • Career interest inventories
  • Career assessment tests
  • Career planning web sites
  • Career development tests
  • Career guidance tests
  • Behavior styles profiles
  • Motivational gifts inventories
  • Skills assessments

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Single Career Assessment Tests

Comprehensive, Validated, Reliable Tests:

Self-Directed Search Occupations Finder-Revised Edition

The New! Occupations Finder-Revised Edition now includes occupations that have
emerged as a result of technological advances (e.g., Internet). The occupations 
have been updated and revised, and the jobs are referenced with the
Occupational  Information (O*NET) database. The Occupations Finder also provides
the educational development level that each occupation requires and includes an
alphabetical list of the occupations.

Low Cost, Informal Tests:

Children, Limited Reading Ability, or Special Needs Tests:

  Kid Career Test
  Colors to Careers Posters
  Poster Color Key

Career Test Bundles (4 Career Test Set)

Destiny Development Diary measures -

FREE Career Resources

Explore Careers and College has free college search and career information.

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DISC Profiles and Books

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Motivational Gift Resources

Pastoral Counseling Resources

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  •    Follow The Road Map To Career Planning
  •    Recognize Your Interests, Abilities, Talents and Values.
  •    Learn Your Holland Personality Types and Codes.
  •    Acquire Career Clusters Information.
  •    Explore Careers.
  •    Identify Potential College Majors.
  •    Get The Quick Career Test Facts!
  •    Use Career Test Rating Chart.
  •    Get Detailed Information from the Catalog.
  •    Put All of the Facts Together. Use Career Test Checklist.

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